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"DUOS" Project

Meeting other people and simply try to make something beautiful and good that is the purpose of this project.

A project of remote duets that will be on Youtube, streaming plateforms and social media, and of which all the streaming earnings and royalties will be on a yearly basis entirely donated to the NGO Oxfam which fights against inequality to end poverty and injustice in the world.

Of course, it is very little, but putting the very little of each together is still a way to act. At least one must believe in it, not to give up in the face of this suffering world.

Thanks a lot to all the artists who have participated in this project for their involvement and their generosity, and in advance to those who will participate.

Thanks too to all the people who support this project by sharing it.

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I warmly recommend to (re)discover these great and generous artists.

You can also visit OXFAM website and donate directly there.

 You would like to propose a Duo ? Great, write to me  ! 

Duo with Marie AWADIS
(December 2023)


The Armenian pianist and composer, based in Germany, is known for her sensitive sound.
Intimate and poetic, Marie's music aims at communicating the depth of human emotions. Her music, always centered around her instrument, the piano, draws influences from the life experiences that have shaped her as a human, from deep roots in classical traditions to recurrent folkloristic harmonic elements of her native Armenia. Her compositions are centered around elegantly crafted melodies and their evolving discourse, at once deep and intimate, aimed to bring about simplicity through the sophistication of a classically crafted pianistic language. 

Born into a musical Family, she stood on stage for the first time at the age of five, singing with her fathers band.
Starting Piano lessons at the age of eight, music became her passion where she focused on the classical repertoire and became active in performing solo concerts. 

Her repertoire included pieces from Bach to Rachmaninov and Schönberg, beside chamber music, choir accompaniments and studio projects.
After receiving her Bachelor degree in Lebanon she continued her studies in Germany at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover. During her study she was invited to play the Schumann piano Concerto with the Lebanese National symphonic orchestra in Lebanon. Together with the Armenian cellist Karolin Scholz, she established the Duo Karma (2009), performing Armenian classical and traditional repertoire. This was the period where she discovered her passion to composing, and wrote her first cello duo piece "Waltzer", followed by more solo piano pieces later. 

Since 2018 she is active playing concerts in Germany and Europe, also collaborating with different artists for studio recordings and live performances. Besides her two solo Albums “Echoes” (2015) and “Searching“ (2017), she has Also worked with Labels such as K7 (2019) , Sonderhouse (2020), Bluespiral (2021) and the legendary Deutsche Grammophone (2021). Her latest Album “Una Corda Diaries” was released on Nov. 2020 in Vinyl under the record label Oscarson. This album is written specially for the unique Klavins Concert Una Corda M189, and recorded on the instrument in Budapest.  Her latest EP ‚LUYS’ is a vocal experiment, which is released on the 10th of November 2023. Another solo piano album has been recorded and going to be released next year.


Duo with Mirabelle GILIS
(January 2024)

Mirabelle GILIS

Mirabelle began studying the violin at the age of 5. Her studies took her to the Toulouse conservatory, then to Saint Petersburg in 2004. She subsequently became a student of jazz violinist Pierre Blanchard in Paris before exploring traditional music from Ireland to Turkey, which took her for five years to Istanbul, then to London before settling in Brest then again in Paris. During all these years, she has continued to perform in various groups in France and abroad. Today a multi-instrumentalist (violin, viola, vocals, mandolin, keyboards, tenor guitar), she is also a composer (Miossec, les Amirales, Sonars) and is preparing her first solo album.

More infos about Mirabelle GILIS :

Mirabelle GILIS
Alessandra CELLETTI

Duo with Alessandra CELLETTI
(February 2024)

Alessandra CELLETTI

Alessandra Celletti is an internationally renowned pianist. She has a concert career in Italy, Europe, Africa, India and the United States, over 20 record productions and millions of plays on Spotify. She starts from a classical training but those who know her a little more know how great her attitude is to always experiment new things, so much so that her experiences multiply with interesting deviations also in the field of rock, avant-garde and electronics. She has many collaborations with Italian artists and international ones (including the legendary Hans Joachim Roedelius, pioneer of German electronics with Brian Eno and the Clusters).

Nourished in particular by the music of Erik Satie to whom she has devoted several recordings, she offers this Duo a delicate poetry. All this with simplicity, authenticity, generosity.

More infos about Alessandra CELLETTI : (Youtube Channel) (Spotify)


Duo with Evgeny GANEEV
(March 2024)


Contemporary dancer, artist based in Berlin.

From classical ballet (Vaganova Ballet Academy trained, danced in several ballet companies) he came to contemporary dance and performed for incredible events as «Mind & Movement» Wayne McGregor (London) / CONTEXT.Diana Vishneva (St.Petersburg) / Paris Fashion Week. Yuima Nakazato (Japan) Couture LIMINAL/DOUBLE HELIX by Nanine Linning (Amsterdam) in collaboration with Bart Hess etc.


More infos about Evgeny GANEEV :

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