6th May 2022

Solo in C minor

35 minute-one-track album

ROUGGE makes a return to the origins of his musical work with a new album titled “Solo in C Minor”.
Unlike his previous recordings in which all pieces were titled “Fragment”, this new album offers a cohesive unity. Returning to the minimalist form of “solo piano-voice”, ROUGGE has taken a very different approach to composition with “Solo in C Minor”. This is a single track approximately 35 minutes duration that invites us to dive deeper into a complete immersion in sound. In this very personal and demanding work, ROUGGE has created a kind of imaginary recital suitable for very attentive ears or in magical venues.

Mix & Mastering : Philippe André

Drawings : Lou Gesse

Animation : François Souvay

Video recording: Alexandre Magi

Artwork : Rougge / Philippe Sponne

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Solo in C minor - animation
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Solo in C minor - extract 1
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Solo in C minor - extract 2
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