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ROUGGE - Zélie Noréda

Photo : Zélie Noreda

ROUGGE : his ethereal singing, freed from words, sentences,only accompanied by his piano, raw emotions.

When you think of ROUGGE, you think of Thom Yorke (Radiohead)'s voice, the sensitivity of Antony and the Johnsons,the audaciousness and the glossolalia of Sigur Ros or Lisa Gerrard (Dead can dance). 


His first album “Fragments” is warmly welcomed by music critics in various European web magazines. His Parisian publisher Volvox music heard in the 11 Fragments (the 11 songs of the album) “ambitious and captivating music”.


Since his creations start inspiring others in many ways (theatre, painting, dance, photography, video, cinema), he in fact mostly dedicates himself to different collaborations.

Collaboration with the photographer Vincent MUNIER, with Benjamin MILLEPIED’s dance company, exhibitions combining painting and music, soundtracks for drama plays (La Fellation du diable, Vie et mort de Pier Paolo Pasolini, La théorie des Phacochères), soundtrack for film (On the tip of the tongue by Vincent Bonnay), short films (Alice(s) by Julien Rotterman), BO for documentaries (52 minute documentary "Les murmures de la forêt" on ARTE TV), and videos broadcasted on several TV national channels.


Meanwhile, ROUGGE keeps working on his own creation and releases a second piano-voice album named “Monochrome” published by The Gum Club (Green United Music).


He chooses with attention inspiring places for his concerts, as much appreciating small intimate venues as large Italian styled theatres or more unique spots, particularly with this experience of singing and playing the piano, sitting high on the balconies of the splendid Stanislas square.


2018 starts a new time for his creation : his third album “Cordes” materializes his ongoing collaboration

with a string quintet. In this new opus, he reinterprets 11 pieces, venturing this time out of his usual intimacy to reach new vibrations with other sound and musicians.


Prone to radical experiences, he goes further. A year later, he presents the cine-concert “Vincent MUNIER et ROUGGE” with Vincent Munier’s pictures and films but accompanied this time by a 60 musician powerfull Harmonic orchestra.


2022 is the year of his album « Solo in C minor », a short recording of only one track and that ROUGGE sees as a kind of imaginary recital. It receives the RADIOFRANCE's "Coup de coeur" (National Broadcast).

2023 and 2024 are marked by the “DUOS” Project that allows new collaborations with artists such as Marie AWADIS (Deutsche Grammophon), Mirabelle GILIS (violinist of MIOSSEC), CASCADEUR, Alessandra CELLETTI, CHAMBERLAIN...

ROUGGE, one colour, many emotions…



awarded by RADIOFRANCE (National Broadcast)

"In fact, his music seems to carry something sacred in its core,

like an invitation to follow the path leading to ecstasy.

Rougge, a colour of blood, that of a vibrating heart."


Read the article (French)


“A unique voice (…) A male voice. A magnificent voice.

Nothing else.“ (Indietronica)



“A voice that follows the melody, outshines it,

moves forward in parallel and creates emotions. Emotions.

Yes, that’s what Rougge is Musical emotion.“ (Discordance)



“In any case, this music is an invitation to cultivate the sublime.” (Bad Alchemy)

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